N10.3 on OSX - No microphone allowed

Hey guys.

I have this strange problem.
I have no mic input signal in the N10.3
after checking the privacy setting in the OSX, I found out that only N8 and N10.2 are mentioned there. So I think this is the reason I dont get input signal.
So, N10.3 isnt allowd or recognized to get a mic signal.

I talked to anther guy who also cant get his CUBASE 10.5 to the privacy list.

any help?

This privacy setting on MacOS is essential for any DAW. It’s easy to dismiss the system request to get access to a system mic, because why would you need that?
In fact, this controls access to all of your audio inputs. Without this permission, no sound will come through to your DAW. If you don’t see N10.3 on the list, you probably need to reinstall it. If it’s on the list, make sure it has a checkmark.