N10.3 really sluggish with automation on High Sierra

Hi Group

Since the upgrade to 10.3 the GUI is really, really sluggish. When a project contains an average amount of tracks/plugins I can hardly work in it anymore because of the stuttering of the transport/meters. Audio + video play fine, but the GUI freezes for seconds after pressing play. It gets worse when zoomed in more.

It also affects N10.0, because opening the project in 10.0 gives the same problem now, and there never was.

I tried trashing the preferences, but it doesn’t help.

Anybody else experiencing this on a Mac Pro 5.1-High Sierra?

Best, Alan

Meters work better than before and also zoom, but edit window is less responsive to mouse editing.

Today I’ve been doing some comparisons between 10.3 and 10.2. 10.2 seems more responsive than 10.3 except for meters.

It has to do with automation (see video).


When there are no events with automation everything is OK, but as soon as the events with automation start the whole projects goes wacko. There are maybe 40 tracks with automation in this project, so no big deal.

What to do?

Best, Alan

Could it be a graphic card issue? I’m planning to upgrade both 5.1 systems with a new graphic card so I can update the OS to Mojave. Any suggestions what graphic card to use? Now both systems run on ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024mb.

Best, Alan

Any word about it from SB?
Same computer running well 10.2 but sluggish 10.3.

I have the same thing, running a project (as described above) on 10.3 (MacPro 5.1 12core) the GUI is really sluggish. Opening the exact same project on my 10.2 system (MacPro 5.1 6core) everything is fine.

Did some more testing.

When I turn off the automation, the stuttering stops. When turning the automation on again the stuttering returns.
In this project are 17 5.1 tracks and 17 stereo tracks with automation. If I disable the automation of 5.1 tracks the stuttering is way less.

The same thing happens (on the 12core Mac) when running the project on in N10.2.2, but if I open the project in N8, everything is fine and I can run the project without stuttering.

Trashed all pref’s.

Any idea’s?

Best, Alan

I’m only offering this as comparison, as we appear to have reasonably similar systems (5,1 12 core, Artist Control).

I’m not experiencing any issues as described here, with or without automation. 10.15 on the 12 core, 10.14 on the laptop… both running well.

For the record… not trying to be a crank,


Hi Chewy

Thanks for the reply, and no worries about being a crank, I don’t feel it that way at all :slight_smile:

The problem only occurs with automation on 5.1 audio tracks. I’m running most of my projects with automated mono/stereo audio tracks on 10.3 without any problem and crashes. I’m just wondering why it gives that problem with automated 5.1 tracks in 10.2 and 10.3 and not in N8 on this system. 10.2 on our other system handles the automated 5.1 tracks without any problem…

Best, Alan


Geez, I wish I could be of more help here. I should note that my 5,1 is running Mojave now (updated to an AMD Radeon HD 7950, Mac-flashed; picked it up on eBay for a couple hundred; works great), but the laptop’s still on High Sierra. I just returned from 3 months out of town working only on the laptop–probably not using as much automation as you, but some, and really no problems. And I’m running a lot of moves on the tv theme I’m working on now on the 5,1. It actually (anecdotally-- no tests to support this) feels snappier than the last update. I wonder what could be at the root of the difference between our experiences.

Happy to help troubleshoot, if you like.


Maybe not specific to your issue, but I noticed a marked improvement upgrading from the 5770 a year ago. (Specifically meters, IIRC)

Started with Mojave compatible Apple-recommended RX580 which everyone was getting, but returned that for the Apple-recommended RX560 due to fan noise issues. (The 580’s twin fans by design turn off and on automatically, creating wave-beating noise in the process.)

Never did upgrade to Mojave. High Sierra is fine and will likely be the last stop for this mac.

After a lot of testing I think I found the issue. It has something to do with the combination of automation on channels with the Iosono Anymix on it. When I disable all the automation on the tracks the project works fine, if I enable the automation and change the Anymix channels to the standard Nuendo multipanner, the project works fine also. Enabling both results in a sluggish system…

No idea why, the Mac Pro performance meter is at about 70%. Audio/video play fine, only the GUI is sluggish.

Best, Alan