N10.3: Video Editing Mode (German version: Video-Bearbeitungsmodus)

I hope this is the correct description for Video-Bearbeitungsmodus. I don’t know the English Version.

Since 10.3, if the video editing mode (Video-Bearbeitungsmodus) is activated, the positioning indicator (?) (German: Positionszeiger) automatically jumps to the beginning of the selected (audio) clip. It’s not possible to deactivate it. I don’t know if it is a wanted function. If so, please add an option to deactivate this function. The positioning indicator is also an indicator where in the timeline of the project you are at the moment and where you have to continue editing the project. And if you want to check a clip (again) back in the timeline and the positioning indicator jumps to the beginning of a clip, you very quick lose what was your latest position in the project to continue editing.

If it should be a wanted function, I don’t really understand it because if you want to play back a selected clip, you easily can use Alt + Space.