N10 and Melodyne ARA problem

Hello, my Friends
I have a problem that might has been a topic, already, but I only just now come across:
This is with N10 and Melodyne ARA, each with latest version installed ( also iLok & eLicenser software).
Under Audio - Extensions I see Melodyne, but it is grayed out and extension is not showing in the Status line, at all.
Is there a known solution for that? Thanks for helping out.
Servus, Big K


Anybody? How can this be solved…

That cou!d mean that Melodyne ARA has already been used on the audio you have selected. If so, just double click on the audio instead of trying to select Audio/Extensions.

Hi Chris
No, I made a few new projects and recorded/ imported the audio.
Audio-Extension is just not coming up.
I’ll try to re-install. Could it be something with those preferences?

Cheers, Big K