N10 copy AAF automation

Hi Group

This has bugging me for a long time now and there is probably a simple solution for it, only I can find it. I’ve attached a picture:

When I copy events from a track that comes from an AAF (Audio 4) to a new track (SFX 2.0) in the project, and this track has automation, the automation data is only copied within the range of that event. The automation data makes a jump at the beginning and end of the event. When it is an event with loud audio (in this case a Rise SFX) this results in a millisecond burst of audio at the end of that event, because the automation goes from -9dB to 0dB.
Which setting do I need to adjust, so that the automation doesn’t ‘jump’ like that? I’ve tried working with ‘Virgin territory’ but I don’t like that setting.

Best, Alan

there is no setting to avoid this, since this is intended behaviour
you have to adjust the automation accordingly

on the other hand you could use “clip gain” or DOP to set the wanted level for that clip
and with turning off the “Copy automation with events” setting it will copy no automation at all…
but in either way it needs extra attention…

OK, good to know. Thanks for the reply.

Best, Alan

If you find a workaround let us know…