N10 Crashes and Bugs

Hi everybody

I’ve been catching up by RTFM and watching tutorials on YouTube, because I have projects from the old Nuendo 4.3.

  1. Tried to save Project Defaults into a new name, and then I tried reloading- several Plugins would no longer load.
    I thought the project was corrupted, untill I tried clicking on the original Project Defaults- then Plugins loaded fine.
    No more saving Project defaults for me, untill I hear Steinberg fixed it.

  2. Selecting my main Console and holding H ( note “holding H” not just clicking on it) to Zoom in fast, crashed the Console; all numbers and letters disappeared, leaving the skeleton structure and colours only. If I press F3 two times, the Console then disappears and reappears working fine, still all zoomed in.

  3. Several programs inside Halion Se started making a white noise like sound; one was Slow Movie Strings.
    When I retried loading the Program, I got an error message saying “Program Not Available”. At first I thought it was Halion SE itself, but the same program (Slow Movie Strings) loaded fine in another project.

  4. Importing Track Presets with powered plugins made one of my projects refuse to load more plugins.
    Workaround: aí had to start from scratch, not a template, and then it loaded all plugins fine.

  5. Everything I now launch N10 I get a message saying 15 or 20 “Halion Sonic presets cannot be found”.
    I also own Halion 3 (on the process of upgrading soon) and use it in Nuendo 4.3, and I’m wondering if somehow that’s interfering.
    I have no idea how to get read of that message, even with Halion 3 disabled in VST Plugins in N10.

** EDIT: 6. On 3 monitors here, and sometimes the mouse disappears behind Nuendo, to the Desktop.
I can only get it back by clicking any icon on the Desktop. The mouse goes right behind the Nuendo 10 windows,
without ever coming to focus in Nuendo 10. It usually happens when I change some settings, but I cannot recall at the moment which. **

In my opinion, some of the new N10 GUI looks worse than 4.3, but the extra functionality makes up for it.

I also have no idea who inside Steinberg decides to change shortcuts, just for the hell of it.
You have near endless keyboard shortcuts available, so no need to change what we already learned and constantly use.
I ended up in page 1200 something in the manual to relearn the shortcut to assign multiple tracks to the same output.
It used to be hold Alt while selecting the output for all selected tracks; now its Shift+Alt. Not necessary. If you need a keyboard shortcut for anything, chose an unused one out of millions at your disposition. Why change it and make everybody relearn?

Great timing! I was literally just starting this thread to ask if anyone else had noticed all of these quirks, when I saw your title.

I agree that changing the key commands was ridiculous! Every iteration, all I’ve had to do is copy and paste the KC from N6 to N7. Then N7 to N8. I copied the KC’s to N10 and 8 out of 10 of them didn’t work! :astonished: Then I realized that they’d changed several or omitted others altogether! Combine that with the loss of several Eucon features and I was really annoyed. ANY function in Nuendo that was listed was supposed to be able to be mapped with the Eucon protocol. But I quickly found out that several functions didn’t work using Eucon mapping! Instead, I had to write a KC for whatever missing function that couldn’t be mapped via Eucon and then load it under the KC function in my MC Control to get it to work.

Other quirks that are driving me nuts are things like the focus/attention function. That’s flakey as hell now. Ex: I have an event on track 8 that I copied at bar 16. I want to paste that event on bar 24 of the same track. I hit paste and the event shows up on an entirely new track at the top of the project window (WTH?)! I have to hit UNDO, re-select the same track I was already on and hit paste again to make it show up where I originally intended. What is that about?

What’s up with the event trimmer? I split an event, I can cut the head. But when I go to the tail, the cursor turns into the drawing tool! :astonished: The only way I can get it to work properly is to launch the Cut Tail command on my MC Control. Then it will mysteriously allow me to trim the tail as normal.

Zones are also not working well for me. On N7 & N8, I could double click a MIDI channel and have it open the MIDI Edit window on one of my 3 screens. It took up the entire left screen, so zooming in wasn’t necessary. I’d jst open the window and get to work. Now in N10, I double click on the MIDI track and it opens the Zone at the bottom of the project window. This is too small for me to work with. So, I opted to open in a new window on my left screen like the other versions. The next time and each time I open a MIDI channel now, it still opens the Zone at the bottom of the project window and I have to waste time telling it to open the larger one in the other window. I wanted to find out if there was a way to tell N10 to open the big window automatically instead of constantly being interrupted by the Zone.

Finally, is there ANY way to put back the Nuendo Environment? From versions 1 - 6, I would open Nuendo and spread it across all 3 of my monitors. Then, I’d place the project window in the center, the mixer on the right screen and all of the solo channel functions on the left screen, which included the plugins. This worked great! But now, with each window being it’s “own environment,” there are all of these holes to fall into in my left screen! MIDI channels are not as big as audio channels. So, when I switch channels, I end up with sections of my desktop peeking through my Nuendo session! if I accidentally click in that space, I’m thrown out of the session! WHY can’t we keep it like versions 1 - 6, where all of the windows were INSIDE A NUENDO ENVIRONMENT?

Isolated, any one of these quirks is just that, a quirk and no big deal. But in combination, it is a major workflow killer for me. All these undos to deal with the copy paste issues are a major pain! Having to reprogram my MC Control and x-keys unit was also an unnecessary waste of time just to get up and running in 10. I’m guessing all of the new Post Features are worth it for you guys. But, for music production, I’m not finding anything compelling to stop working in N8! My big reason for the upgrade was to get the video clip rendering. Since that won’t come out until 10.2 (which they said was supposed to be out around June, I think), there’s not a lot of incentive to move from N8. In fact, I’ve been starting projects in 8 just to do the “heavy lifting” before moving the project to 10 to see how things work in the new N10 environment.

Has anybody else been dealing with these quirks/bugs, etc.?

Yes Keyplayer, I am familiar with all those quirks and completely agree with you.
The copy loss of focus is a very old behavior, even in N4.3.

This thing of having holes to the Desktop is killing me too!
The only screen that allows you a dark grey background is the one under the Main File Menu.

EDIT: even that is not resizeable, and you only see it if you maximize that Window. What about the other two monitors?? Desktop everywhere!!

So I try to have all VSTi open, otherwise I may click on icons and empty space of the Desktop.

Not to mention my #6 in the original post, when you can slide the mouse pointer “under” Nuendo 10, on the Desktop area; it completely ignores all N10 Windows, until you click on an icon on the Desktop. First time it happened to me, I had no idea where the mouse pointer was?? … until I saw it peaking behind a N10 Window, refusing to come back to N10! I finally discovered that I could only come back after clicking on an Desktop Icon.

Maybe Steinberg has no time to observe and solve these problems, or for quality control.