N10 - Demo/Try out and crossgrade price

I am on Cubase but considering crossgrading to N10. Three questions:

  1. is there a time limit for the crossgrade program pricing?
  2. I believe there is going to be a Try-Out/Demo version of N10. Anyone knows when? Or based on previous experience, how long does it take for the Demo to be released after the program is out?
  3. Will Nuendo 10.2 be a paid upgrade? What is the usual Nuendo update price policy?

Many thanks.

I don’t know about your #1 and number #2 for sure. Only Steinberg does. But as far as paid upgrades. Whole number versions such as Nuendo 11 would be paid. Everything in between N10 and N11 would be free except possibly the XX.5 version, which would be cheaper then a whole number upgrade.

With all of the recent changes in the pricing and synchronization of the various versions I would say anything could change but what I wrote above is how things have been up to this point.

Thank you!

I just downloaded the N10 installer and now can use / try it for 30hrs.
I think this is enough to get in touch with all the new features and upgrades.


EDIT: I found the installer and I also found a Demo license on my dongle (all Steinberg products for 24 hours). Will give it a try…

Where did you find the installer? thanks!

Hello, how exactly did you make this happen? I have it downloaded and installed but there is no offer for a trial period, would like to check it out. Thank you! john

John, just buy it already!
You get 30 hours on a new dongle if I remember correctly.

Also waiting for the demo to happen.
Any idea when?

I wasn’t offered a trial period. Just downloaded N10 full version via the Steinberg Download Assistant and then started the program. And now I have 24hrs “trial” (sorry not 30hrs). I’m already Cubase 9.5 Pro user, so maybe you need an active Cubase / nuendo account (elicenser) to get the 24hrs “trial”. Maybe it doesn’t work if you are new to Steinberg and have no elicenser…

edit: I have already tried the Nuendo 8 trial on this elicenser, so it wasn’t “new” to Nuendo (trials)

No.this is not my case. I’m a Nuendo veteran.
I waiting for fo the official demo.

That’s the plan; I’m traveling and thought I’d check it out in my down time. So you’re digging the upgrade Erik?

Field recorder tool is great. Not quite perfect but really useful.
Audio alignment panel is great for aligning dialog. Doesn’t always work perfectly but when it does, its like magic.
Some clever changes here and there.
At least as stable as N8.

Best first release for a long time.

Been on Nuendo since N2. This is a really good release for me. Lots of little improvements that add up plus a couple of really big ones like Variaudio.

If you haven’t found it yet, this might be helpful, too:



tried to run Nuendo in this 24hrs fashion. But did not work.

I do have an active Cubase Pro license, which is already registered.

Would appreciate any help for finding me the the bit am I missing.

I have cubase artist 6 retail bundled with steinberg CI2+ sound card… Can I crossgrade this cubase to nuendo 10 full version (regular) with 399€ ?