N10 N11 project compatibility

Hey guys.
We are using 4x N10 Licenses at the same time but I won’t upgrade all DAW at the same time. Sometimes we are working at the same projects at different days on different DAWs. Is it possible to work with N10 and N11 with one .npr?

For example
day1 - recording on N11, day2 editing with N10, day3 mixing with N11, day4 mixing with N10.

And the last big update I made from N8 to N10 I had big issues. The reason were the profil manager files when using N8 and N10. Are there any known issues with this Update from N10.1.3 to N11.0.2?

Thank you for a short estimation :slight_smile:


I’m using a MAC 10.14

I have had no issues working with the same .npr files in N10 and N11 on the same system. Also running MacOS 10.14.