N11.0.30 Switches Automatically From BWAV To WAV On Session Open

Every time I open a session the session file format is wave file. if I change it to Broadcast Wave File, close the session and open it again it has set itself back to Wave File. Has anyone else noticed this? It is a massive problem for me.

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It’s good to know it’s not just me I guess, but it would be much better if I knew it wasn’t happening to anyone! I hope this gets fixed soon.

This song gets played in the Steinberg HQ elevator all day long…


TBH, open a ticket, don’t rely on this forum if you really need things to be corrected.


Know this public forum is not a support platform from Steinberg.
Users helping users.
If time allows, moderators try to help as much as possibly can.

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Thanks Fredo. Is the correct place to submit a ticket with my local distributor? That’s the only place I could find to submit a non-sales related issue.

I submitted a support ticket months ago and haven’t heard back.