N11 good results

There seems to be some improvement when tracking at very low latency in N11. This is the first time I’ve ever been able to track a band at 32 samples.
When mixing I’m seeing no difference in CPU efficiency but in tracking I am.
Also, this seems to be one of the most solid releases by Steinberg in recent memory. Well done.

not seeing an difference in windows at 32 samples - what OS are you on

Mac OS Mojave

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Very usable here. Graphics have been improved a lot. I use 5 external displays and all runs smoothly. Much, much better than N10.
Wating the fix for Eucon and Melodyne issues.

what melodyne issues are you having ?

There’s a topic about it. When you use Melodyne as editor, “Processing data…” appears all the time and no audio. You must remove Melodyne to continue and it’s useless.

ahh - ok - seems ok for me in win10