N11 Launching Very Slowly [SOLVED]

N11 appears to be taking a very long time to launch and quit. I’m sure it was much faster when I initially installed it.

It takes 3m 49s to launch (with no project being auto-loaded). Most of this time (3m 30s) it is displaying ‘Initializing: Global Settings’. and it takes 1m 16s to quit the program.

By contrast, N10.3 takes 14s to load and 3s to quit!

Any idea what may be causing this?

I had the same long start but also had problems with starting other programs so I though it was about system. I just delete several last updates of Windows 10 and the issue’s gone.

Well N7 launches in 25 secs, N8 in 16 secs and N10 in 14 secs, so I think it is something to do with N11.

I’ve also tried running in Safe mode and deactivating Preferences and third party plugins - makes no difference.

Also tried un- and re-installing N11 but it made no difference.

Can anyone suggest any other factors that might be causing this?

How long does it take to launch N11 on your Win-10 system?

I have actually also tried this by going to C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\Download and deleting everything in the folder. Unfortunately this also makes no difference.

Can you try it with a different “user profile”?

Initializing global settings takes no time at my system.
Initializing “the content” takes about 2sec, that’s the longest part of the initialization.
But if my system did some other things before, it takes a little more time then normal.

Do you mean another user on Windows-10?

I’m currently the only user set up on this PC.

User profiles in Nuendo?
Profile Manager…

This is an area of the system that I have never had reason to use (or even look at), but I’ve followed your suggestion and added a New profile and relaunched N11. Unfortunately this has not solved the problem. In fact, even after switching back to my original profile things are even worse. It now takes 6 min 56 secs to launch and 1 min 40 secs to close!

Any idea what exactly N11 is doing during the Initializing: Global Settings stage?

All other versions of Nuendo on my PC load lightening fast.

Just tried a disk-cleanup on all drives. No improvement - still taking about 7 minutes to launch N11 !

No, I’m talking about “windows\parameters\updates\update center\view update log\delete updates” (Names of section may differ, cause I have another language).
I deleted there some last Windows updates and that or may be my other action that I don’t remember helped somehow.

Yes, I understand that. I used a different way to get to those update files (your folder names do not match mine). All of the windows update files have been deleted. It did not help, but thanks for the suggestion.

Actually they’re not the folder names, it’s mouse click guide : first click on Windows button, then go to Preferenses, then goto Updates and so on. Sorry for not being clear, my english should be much better)
Oh, I didn’t know that one can delete windows updates by that way as you suggested or I get it wrong. Cause I have no files in that folder you’ve mentioned but I have updates that I can uninstall by my way. Sorry for my misunderstanding)

Problem Solved. It was file corruption.

The file…\Presets\ControlRoomPresets.pxml had a size of 323,338 Kb instead of 256 Kb, and …\Nuendo 11_64\Defaults.xml had a size of 4024 Kb instead of 1014 Kb.

After copying these two files from the Nuendo 10.3_64 folder the problem disappeared. This does not explain how these files were corrupted, but so far everything is working as it should again.

Thanks for sharing! I’ve cheked for these files just in case. Mine ones are 78,2kb and 517,5kb accordingly. They open with no problems and consist of correct xml code (it means not corrupted I beleive)

Yes, they seem normal.

In my case, 323338 kb was so big that there had to be something wrong with the file!