N12 Can't find my Audio Interface

Hi, just reopened Nuendo after a short break and it’s not finding my audio card. The only option I’m seeing is Generic Low Latency ASIO driver. I tried restarting the computer and no luck. Nuendo was working fine an hour ago.

I reinstalled N12, deleted all the preferences and reinstalled my audio interface. No luck.

Any suggestions?

Windows 10

  1. Is the interface on? Maybe reboot it.
  2. Is the connection between the interface and the computer good? Try a different cable.
  3. Are more than 4 planets aligned from where you are, in the sky? Wait three days. :wink:
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Was able to solve it after a few hours of troubleshooting! I deleted all the audio drivers then installed the previous version of the driver. Only after doing that was Nuendo able to see the interface again.

Why this happened, we may never know!

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Sometimes audio drivers are not compatible with the newest operating system, glad you found the issue.

Gremlins :smiley: