N12 - controlling midi clock for multiple effects

Newbie to the forum here, so i apologize for all the stupid questions. i’ve explored the google machine and haven’t found information that makes sense to me to resolve my questions.
I’m attempting to use Nuendo to control the midi clock on my effects board. I have the midi clock synch setup from my looper to my chain of effects and that works, however I would prefer to use Nuendo as the clock controller for the effects board when I’m recording.
I’m fairly new to MIDI and have never tried this approach before, so please excuse the dumb questions.

My chain is Mac to RME UCX II interface to looper (boss RC600) to other effect boxes. the midi chain starts at the RME interface then to the looper, etc…

  1. What is the best way to set this type of configuration up?
  2. is it necessary to use the RME interface as the controller for the midi chain?
  3. the looper is setup to receive and send clock through midi and usb
  4. can Nuendo control the midi clock in this type of chain?
  5. is there a site i can use for reference in setting this up?
    I’m using a set of effects where the midi clock is important to my specific set of sounds as well as the rhythm/metronome on the looper. Works fine using the looper to control the clock on the other pedals but as i mentioned, i’d like to use Nuendo to control the clock on the devices when I’m recording.

I hope this makes sense.
Thank you in advance for your guidance.

Should be fairly simple… Setup Nuendo to send MIDI Clock to the output. Connect the midi output to the pedal chain input. Set pedals to external sync.

In Nuendo the settings are in…
Transport menu > Project Synchronization Setup > MIDI Clock Out > (checkmark the desired MIDI Clock Destination)


Thank you! I’ll try it today.

Just tried it out and it works correctly. Thank you very much for your assist!