N12 crash to dsktp when select a track


Here is another problem I have with nuendo (I stop counting how many bugs and crash i have for the last months but no doubt N11 and 12 are the most crashing software I used since cubase 2.0 on atari anway…)

So this one has been happening several times on N12 (never on 11) I work normally. Then select a track and… hold … boom desktop no crash dump.
Different session, same thing. It’s not always so I don’t know what starts this, and can’t reproduce it. But had it enough to know it’s a thing. anyone has this ?

Not sure I understand what you are trying to do.
I understood that you just click on a track and hold it; right?
Well, except selecting the track, nothing happens on my system.


Sorry for my english,

No I mean is jsut select a track. very basic left click to select it. And you can see that nuendo is on “hold” freeze for 1sec then it goes to desktop.
Clearly there’s something going on before that that makes int unreliable but I don’t know what.
It’s just that I had this several times now to say it’s a thing on my system :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t see this on my systems.

In al honesty, if you encounter that many crashes and bugs; problems that others can’t reproduce, then we are not speaking of bugs, but about a problem in your system.


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For my part everything works fine with Nuendo 12 :+1:
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Do you run VEPro with many instances and midi ports?
That was happening to me to until I swapped from track instruments to rack instruments and reduced my vepro instances to no more than 4 per machine and midi ports are currently at 24 for vepro per plugin. But it was still happening mildly last night as I begin to populate vepro with more instruments within those instances. Click on a midi track and Nuendo 12.0020 would freeze for up to a minute. Previously it could be up to 5min. Hope its different for
It seems large (eg 700+ midi tracks in large orch templates) midi requirements is where Nuendo really falls over. I’m reluctant to increase my midi ports to more than 24 per plugin but I know that day will come. When I had it set to 48 in vepro plugin it was a crashfest.

Edit: I wanted to add that the more coupled vepro instances the less stable Nuendo is.
Now I only keep one vepro instance per machine coupled and the rest have decoupled engaged. Even now though as the number of instruments grows in that coupled instance, Nuendo gets more and more cpu spikes, takes longer to unfreeze when a midi track is selected. It seems like it has to take the time to scan every instrument in that coupled instance everytime I select a midi track on it.
I’ll also add that this has happened on 2 different new machines, Windows 11. I keep everything updated so I’ll report back once tested

Dam interesting. I didn’t know VSL had those issues. No I’m using Vienna instruments only. Thx i’ll try to see if working with vienna instrument is when I have this issue.

Yes but … what about if most people don’t use specific functions or if problems appear with specific use of nuendo. I said here “Clearly there’s something going on before that, that makes it unreliable but I don’t know what.” so I wanted to make clear it’s not by selecting a track that everyone will crash (obviously :laughing: ) but I wanted to throw it out here to see if people experienced that to try to narrow where it comes from. Ben_Chase is a good start.
I had many problems with nuendo last years and finally tried to solve things and push support. That’s why you see me around asking for every problems I have. One involving FLAC was part of a recent update although no one on forum would reproduce it. And someone suggested my pc had a problem. Another one (zoom in score) is now identified as a bug too. And the biggest problem I have for 6 months now involving kontakt with no one on the forum having it, I finally found composers on audiobro having a similar issue with kontakt & nuendo (not other daw). Still not clear if problem is on NI or steinberg side but not on my system.

That’s why now, although i understand you should question the system first (basic remove plugins, reset prefs, test with no AV, cloud backups, etc… ), i’m a bit more skeptic to accuse the system. But maybe nuendo is more often used by post-production and mix setups where I use it more to create soundtracks… I should consider asking these problems on cubase forum maybe :shushing_face:

Nuendo = Cubase+additional functions. Which means that the applications are for 95% identical.

For most non-post questions, you might indeed find a bigger userbase (and probably knowledge) in the Cubase forums. Not a bad idea.