N12 crashes when opening projects containing Sample track

N12 is constantly crashing when I try to open projects containing at least one Sample track.

I can avoid this crash if I:

  1. Disable Sample track in N11 and save the project. After that this project will open successfully in N12 and I will just enable the Sample track and continue to work.
  2. Open N12, create a new empty project, insert a sample track, close this project (but must not close N12, because if I do, I need to do the procedure again) and then after that the desired project containing active Sample track opens successfully.

But all these workaround are really time consuming. So really hope this will be solved in the update. I have sold numerous logs to Steinberg via form, that opens after I open N12 after crash. I can reproduce this behaviour 100% every time. I am on OSX 11.6.5.