n12 Cubase ready not lit. n12 not present in YSFW control

I just bought a n12 mixing console. Upuntil now i run my Cubase 5 Essentials (5.1.1) with a Motif XF8 and it’s been working great with the audio and all through the installed Fire wire card.
Now I can’t seem to get the n12 working correctly. I installed the sofware bundle TOOLS, Firmware update and the YSFW driver (again).
I open Cubase an load one of the new n12 templates (multichannel recording…) and gets the screen with missing ports, where the column Mapped ports is all filled with “Unmapped” in red.

I can add the n12 remote device but, the n12 remote is not present in the Midi input/Midi output ports dropdown list.

I use Windows 7 64bit.

My Motif XF8 audio setup seems to work still, when daisy chained with the n12.

In the YSFW control panel there is no sign of the n12 (I don’t know if it should either)

Thankfull for any help!



Assuming you are using the latest Tools version 2.7.3 ,
and firmware version 1.07 ,
then try disconnecting any other interfaces and disabling the internal soundcard in Windows Device Manager , just leaving the N12 as the only souncard and reboot .
After opening Cubase set up VST connections etc .

Also I don’t know if 5 Essentials covers the functions that the bundled AI version had . :frowning: :question:

Lots of pdfs to wade through :confused: at ; http://download.yamaha.com/search/product/?site=uk.yamaha.com&language=en&category_id1=16244&category_id2=16078&category_id3=&product_id=592444

Hopefully my reply here might attract more help ! :wink: