N12 dropping Object Assignments

I opened my project yesterday afternoon and found this error message.

I didn’t understand why this had happened. The project was saved and closed as it should’ve been the day before. Anyway, I reassigned manually all of the object assignments, worked some more on the project, SAVED AND CLOSED it.

When I reopened the project this morning the error message was back! Why is this happening/? Do I have a corrupted project? If so, how do I save all of my work to a new section where this isn’t happening>

Did you try clicking on Accept? That is all you should need to do.

Yes, I did and they did, well most of them. Some, I had to reinstate manually. My question is why are they dropping in the first place? The project was saved. So, what changed?

This is really irritating! EVERY single time I open an ATMOS project, my object assignments have been lost! How do I stop this?

So, is this a bug. True, accepting the new assignments seems no to have any effect on the work saved. But why aren’t the assignments saved with the project?

I’ve seen this too since I started experimenting with external DAR. It’s something to do with external. I think we need a better manual entry on how to setup external Atmos projects. And this bug fixed too if it;s in fact a real one.