N12 - First Impressions

Been running N12 for a few days now.

  1. First impressions? I love it. Once I got the ASIO Guard settings good for my system, CPU usage wasn’t an issue. I haven’t been using AG since a few versions.

  2. It is crashing quite a bit doing simple things like changing an instrument’s output, deleting empty tracks, etc. It will simply disappear. When I reopen it all my changes and settings are fine and I can do what I was doing when it crashed. But after a little while it will crash from something else that I would think to be minor. I have a new M1 MacBook Pro coming soon so I think I’ll wait for that before trying to work with N12 with clients around. I’d be too afraid.

  3. N11 is running fine, which was an issue before after installing N12. So I can work and periodically open N12 and continue learning new features, etc.

  4. Just being able to highlight clips ala Cubase is so wonderful. So, thank you Steinberg developers for that.

My system now:
Macboook Pro 2017 Quadcore i7 2.7, 16gb ram
Big Sur 11.6.5
Apollo Twin Duo interface - latest update

i’m here to find out if i go N12 now…
looks like no :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for your feedback

I installed N12 this past Thursday night about an hour before a session, recorded the session using N11 templates I had, did a review after, started mixing today and checking out new features - really like Raiser so far. Aside from a few install glitches I have commented about elsewhere, it has been great - no issues recorded or mixing.

After what seems like a zillion years, I’m still a fan - so many fun projects. Looking forward to digging into all the new features even more over the next few days. And the limited-time upgrade offer made it even better! :heart: