N12 freezes, crashes or takes ages on closing project

Now that C13 is released, we noticed that unfortunately the following most annoying problem was not solved but persists:

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960X 24-Core 3.80 GHz
win10pro 22H2 64-Bit
64,0 GB RAM, only SSDs
user since Steinberg 24 on Atari :wink:

Since Nuendo 12 was released i (and others (some have M1-MACs)) have the following behaviour:

Closing song.
Memory usage (task-manager) goes down - ok.
Faders of external controllers are set to zero - ok.
In former times i could open a new song then.

BUT since N12 now memory usage goes UP again after controller reset-
up to the double amount ore more of what was used in the project !

Nuendo is frozen then most of the times.

Steinberg License Engine is suddenly in a separate process
(not in the folder anymore)
The only thing you can do is to end the task in the task manager.

If you are lucky and did not click accidentally somewhere on the Nuendo-app,
memory usage will eventually VERY SLOWLY go down to let you open a new song.
Takes minutes.

Of course i understand that this must be somehow 3rd party vst related problem,
because if you run N12 with Steinberg plugins only there are no problems, but who does ?
This behavior is different from previous versions.

Of course i (we) checked all possible solution approaches like fresh install, delets prefs everywhere, etc.

Any ideas ?

The problem is known to Steinberg and is due to your AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960X.
The problem is with the audio engine that doesn’t want to work with the processor.
Unfortunately I only have the article in German:

Thanks, but this is an old article, which it says has already been resolved:

“With Cubase 12, the audio engine has been optimised and the problem described below has been fixed. The processors with their up to 128 logical cores are recognised correctly. Up to 32 logical processor cores can be used exclusively for audio threads” and indeed N12 uses all the threads it needs.

Maybe they solved this problem by creating another one, and btw it also affects new Macs.

Have you ever tried to find out which plug-in it might be? Maybe it is always the same plugin that is causing the problem?

I tried disabling one brand at a time after another one year ago but no changes.
It seems it happens IFyou are using 3rd party vst.
It started with N12 and also persists with C13. It seems that only AMD and Macs have this special problem. Same Projects on Intel are not affected.
I use just basic stuff like waves, slate, voxengo, native instruments, etc. no exotic stuff. Running projects is just fine- it is just the closing.
Maybe i will have a new go on the vsts by Christmas - unfortunately time is the biggest problem as a professional :wink:

Hi @joerg63

Was a freeze dump generated by Nuendo on its own by any chance in Documents/Steinberg/CrashDumps? Otherwise we will assist you to create one.


Hi Armand,

whenever a crash-dump was created i sent it to Steinberg.

But these are estimated to make up only a few per cent of the freezes, claiming always a different plugin the culprit.
There are about 500 in the folder since April 2020, many of them with a size of 0,
I can send you a zip-file with these 500 if you like.

In the vast majority of cases, I have to force quit Nuendo in the task manager. When restarting, the only thing that appears is that Nuendo was terminated unexpectedly.

(I had forgotten one more thing:
If you force quit Nuendo, you have to make sure that you also quit the licence engine task, otherwise the librarys will be deauthorised the next time you start Nuendo.)

Hi Joerg,

Thank you. I cannot afford the time to go through 500 old freezes unfortunately. Best would be to identify which one happened lately as you were quitting and that was not corrupted (e.g. 0 bytes size). If you have none so far then we can assist you personally to maximize the chances of generating a proper one that will dump the most relevant info.

Thanks for your help


ok, so here is the last -freezedump.dmp bigger than 0 from 2 days ago:

and the last .dmp bigger than 0 from 2 days ago:

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Thank you. Do you know if they happen for sure when you’re closing the project nonetheless?

What do you mean by “for sure” ? The Program is always frozen then. I can only end it in the task-manager.

I encountered this behaviour for a very long time in NU11 and 12. For some reason, however, the problem disappeared a few months ago without me changing anything consciously … :-/ … maybe after the update to Nuendo 12.0.70.

(… does not help, I know. I wrote this just to add weight to the issue.)

((… even less helpful fun fact: It now happens with ProTools on the same machine. 8-} …))

How do you go with updates and optimization?

Is Windows Defender scanning your VST scanner and are you doing regular System Maintenance via the Control Panel applet?

Every plugin, os and daw are always up to date.
What kind of optimations are you thinking of ?
All content ssds and all steinberg folders have been excluded from defender, because some people suggested it, but i did not notice any difference - neither in loading time nor performance or stability.

The current hint based on the DMP is that Kontakt and CSR Room might be the culprits. We advise now to turn to these companies first and see whether they can identify whether it’s solely due to their plugin or some sort of deadlock between their plugin and us.

Thank you for your support, but i will not make a fool out of me and follow the advice.
As i said before:
It is always a different plugin(-brand) that should be the culprit, IF a dmp message occurs on restart.
It was also Waves, Slate… you name it.
The Freezes and crashes are randomly corrosponding to the memory behavior i discribed earlier.
I am obviously not the only one who has these problems.
You only inspected the last two dmp-files that were not “0” filesize - one said Kontakt, one said CSR Room.
As I have only been using the IK Vsts for a very short time, i can already rule them out.
I also checked the dates of the older dmp files when they where created: There were also Projects with had no Native Kontakt in them at all.
I can also rule out most common SSD or memory problems, as I have carried out corresponding tests (MemTest86+, etc.).

So I’ll just sit there and wait until something comes along :wink:

I found almost all crashes I’ve had are due to system resource limitations, which are in turn due to Windows Defenders’ persistent scanning of Nuendo program modules, along with the defragmenter running during long project loads.

To counter this, I perform System Maintenance (via Windows Control Panel) and defragment, as well as mark bad sectors from time to time.


I excluded all Steinberg folders from Defender, but it does not make any difference.

My system is SSD only, so defragmention is not a thing. All SSDs are in very good condition (Samsung Magician). Windows harddrive optimation (trim) runs once a week - all OK.


I’m not talking about Folders, but rather processes that are visible in the Task Manager.

If you see elevated resource usage for MsMpEng.exe, whilst Cubase or Nuendo is loading, then that’s how you know it is scanning the process(es).