N12 License problems Win10

Just purchased and installed N12 alongside N11. When I enter my Download Access Code in Steinberg Download Assistant i get the following message:

“You received your license Activation Code”
Nuendo 12 Update from 11
Do you want to upgrade your license now?

When clicking the “upgrade” button, I get the an error message:
“The eLicenser Control Center cannot be launched. Please download the latest version of the eLicenser Control Center and try again”

I installed the latest ECC, but when opening it I can’t see any licenses or dongles at all anymore. Instead I get an error message saying “Application LCC2” has caused the following error; Process with the ID NOT found.

N12 Opens up fine the first time, BUT if I close it, open N11, then close N11 and try opening N12 again it gets stuck on “Checking Licenses”. To be able to run N12 again I need to restart my computer…

The N12 license in Steinberg Activation Manager says “Verification Pending” btw.
Any ideas of what’s going on here?

SOLVED (I believe)… Had to reinstall the latest eLicenser Control Center, then type in the download access code in Download Assistant again. Then MANUALLY type in the returned activation code in eLCC. Then open up activation manager and activate N12 again… what a hassle… ah well… now let’s play!