N12 - MIDI Click not audible anymore

No idea how it happened but I can only hear the audio click since this morning while the MIDI click (which is more pleasant to the ear) is gone.

I switched to N12 since a week so I’m a bit of noob
Watched a whole bunch of vids on the Control Room (I suspect it simply doesn’t have an output) but couldn’t find the answer yet since they were all based on older versions where you could see a “Click” column in the outputs which is gone in N12.

All this happened while I was mapping the Maschine Mikro MK3 and prior to this, the session was working fine and I could hear it so I’m pretty puzzled :sweat_smile:



Where is the MIDI Out of the MIDI Click routed to, please? What Instrument or synth do you use to hear the MIDI Click?

Thank You Martin,
Being a N12 newcomer I’m not sure what you mean since in any daw I worked on it’s already setup by default: both the click instrument and the output (like N12 too! since I worked with the MIDI click for a week normally.)
What’s puzzling is that I don’t know why it disappeared right after I finished creating a MIDI mapping for Maschine Mikro MK3.
Until I find out, I’m not sure how I can fix this.

This is how the MIDI Click settings looks like atm.

If I select the MIDI Output Port from there I only see the VIs I have in my session - which are orchestral libraries from OT and Spitfire - and not a specific Click Instrument.
I too, was expecting to find a specific one such Klopfgeist from Logic.

What should I do to set it up again?


Some sound generator (synth) has to make the sound out of the MIDI data.

Could you please share a screenshot of how it’s setup on your end? :blush:


I don’t use MIDI Click and I don’t know, which MIDI device do you want to use.

Or do you have at least a screenshot from Logic?