N12 mystery regarding "Bounce selection" and rx10

I have multiple pieces of audio events faded together to recreate a roomtone. All clips mono.
Rendered them with “bounce selection” (in German: “Auswahl als Datei”) and confirmed the “Replace” option - so I have 1 clip instead of many tiny pieces. It’s apparently again a mono clip. On a mono track. Also mono in sampler. Also mono in the Pool - screenshot attached.
But now when I send this bounced mono clip via DOP and RX connect to RX 10 advanced:
Surprisingly RX interprets the mono clip as stereo file!
I see 2 tracks in RX.

Of course I sent it to RX via DOP before the “bounce selection”: No problem, all looks mono also in RX.

After editing in RX and sending back to Nuendo/DOP: It’s apparently still mono.
Only in RX it “behaves” like stereo.
As you can see in the screenshot it was rendered as WAV instead of broadcast WAV.
But I tried both: No difference.

Does anyone see what’s going on here?
Thanks in advance!

I would check the Project Setup settings.

@Dietz thanks!
you mean changing to broadcast wave?
Did that already as mentioned in my post: didn’t help unfortunately.

We work in Atmos 7.1.4 but Nuendo internal master bus might be working in stereo…That is MONO as LEFT channel only.
That explains why RX receives a Stereo track.

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Are the events all on the same mono track? And you let Nuendo replace the events after selecting “Auswahl als Datei”? Is DOP then applied to the same mono track? Or are other tracks involved? (Group track, routing to other tracks with a different channel layout, etc.?)

@MAS Thanks for your reply.
The few (mono) clips were connected with crossover-fades. All on one mono-track. I think I didn’t move those clips it to another track but if so I was a mono work track.
Before I did that bouncing the few clip parts were processed individually and successfully via DOP with RX connect: Inside RX they all were displayed as mono for sure. And after coming back to nuendo for applying the RX editing inside DOP: still all mono and normal.
Just after those few pieces were working well together as one “ambiance piece” I did the “Auswahl als Datei / Bounce selection”.
It’s been a basic “I don’t have a good roomtone for fill → i create my own one from small pieces that work” situation.

As you can see in the screenshot even after bouncing it is apparently mono.
But when I then (after the bouncing) import it again in RX via DOP: in RX it looks like stereo only inside RX.
However if I do my editing inside RX and then send it back to nuendo (and hit “apply” in DOP): the clip still is mono. So actually it’s not really causing damage to my project I guess … I hope. It just makes the work in RX a bit more tricky sometimes.

To me it looks like its a RX problem but inside RX I couldn’t find a setting that would help doing the “interpretation” correctly so I wondered what eventually happened on the Nuendo side of things that makes RX “believe” it’s a stereo file.

btw: The mono track is routed into a 7.1 DX buss.

Are you running the latest version of RX?