N12 on win 11 dropping out sound

Hello everyone,
so I posted a thread in October

and my father finally got a new PC. I helped him set up the n12 on the new PC, updated the driver etc, sound coming through, but the only problem is the sound is dropping out. we tried the method of do not plug it in after windows has already loaded but that didn’t fix it. my pops called someone at sweetwater music, they said they think the firewire was incompatible with the n12. The card is LinksTek 4-Ports 1394A PCIE FireWire 400 Expansion Card for Windows Desktop PCs, 3X 6Pin and 1X 4Pin 1394A 400Mbps Ports, with 4Pin-6Pin 1394A Cables and Low Profile Bracket (PCIE-1394A). sweetwater says firewire doesn’t work well with newer computers. any solutions without just buying a new board? Thanks

The brand and make is irrelevant since the important thing is the FireWire chipset only. But different brands and makes used different chipsets over the years, making it problematic to find reliable information about the cards.

The best bet are the Texas Instruments chipsets.

I would recommend a new USB interface.

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