N12 Running fine now

I know @TimoWildenhain and @Matthias_Quellmann like to see positive posts about N12 so here’s mine. I have been running N12 for about a week now for all of my work. Me and the program have come to an accommodation that works on my soon-to-be-replaced 2017 MacBook Pro (Big Sur 11.6.5, Quadcore 2.7 i7). I have gotten ASIO-Guard working and everything seems to be running smoothly. If I run into any problems I will post them. As of now the only major issue I’m having is that N12 freezes when trying to close a song that has been open for a while. Spinning beach ball. Force quit works as a temporary fix. Other than that I can say “thank you Steinberg and brilliant people” for this great software!


Ted “Theo” Perlman


@Ted_Perlman2 I had the same issue with Nuendo 12 freezing on exit (on Windows) and for me it ended up being BFD3 that was the culprit. It didn’t cause Nuendo 11 to freeze, but did cause it in 12. I found out that I was running an old version since they changed ownership and the new version fixed it.

So it might be a plugin that is doing it if you are interested in trying to track it down. I’d look at anything that is a VST2 that hasn’t been updated in awhile, as was the case with BFD3.

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I’ll check that out. I’ve been getting rid of as many VST2 plugins as possible but some are only available as VST2, like all the UAD plugins. I wish they’d stop spending so much time on Luna and instead upgrade all their plugins to VST3. Ugh.

Ya UAD… Those guys just seem to be real… Macheaded. Make good stuff, only really worry about good support on the Mac. I’d looked at the UAD Apollo interfaces before settling on my RME because the onboard DSP is kind of cool but mostly because their SNR is insane, like Audio Precision levels of amazing. But they only recently got Windows drivers and they seem to be very poor quality.

I decided to just give them a miss. I’m almost to that point with BFD3. I really like it but man they just are not good at updates/support.

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I got BFD when it first came out. FXpansion was a great company. I was friends with the owner and they had great people working there. I stopped using BFD because it required more power than my computer at the time had. The streaming. wasn’t working good on my system. I used to print the drum sounds, which were always great. Since the company got sold I haven’t heard good things.