N12 VSTi issue: [Solved]

Is anyone having problems running VSTi’s in N12?

I have a project that uses four instances of Kontakt Player 7 and one of Kontakt-5 Full Version. If I try to open the Kontakt-5 instance to make an edit to a loaded sound, all controls are frozen on the Kontakt interface.

The same project opens fine in N11 and all controls on the Kontakt-5 interface function correctly.

Could Kontakt-5 be incompatible with N12?

And the answer is: Kontakt-5 does not function correctly in N12.

I’ve just installed the full version of Kontakt-7 and that works fine in N12.

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Just for information’s sake – Here Kontakt 5 works fine in Nuendo 12

Mmm. Strange. It was actually working for me a couple of days ago, but then completely seized up. The only solution i could come up with was to try a newer version of Kontakt, which solved the problem. I’m the first to admit that I’ve never understood how Kontakt works.

And I’ll be the second!