N12 with RME AES-32 (Hammerfall driver) crash

N11 work perfetly with my RME AES-32, but as soon as I create a EMPTY new project with the Hammerfall driver, N12 crashs on openning. N12 does NOT crash when using ASIO4All or Generic Low Latency ASIO driver. Only the Hamerfall driver makes it crash. Anyone else ?

Win10, UptoDateRME driver, no other issues on computer

SOLVED !!! N12 was crashing on empty sessions… My RME aes32 driver was the problem. I found that 2048 and 4096 buffer size are crashing N12. Not N11!

Huh! 8-/ … I’m using high buffer sizes pretty often for busy mixes.

Thanks for sharing your findings nonetheless …

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