n12 working fine, except remote control

My Yamaha n12 worked fine before together with my old Windows XP 32 bit and Cubase AI 4.

Now I have a Windows 7, 64 bit. I have installed all updates from Yamaha (n12 Firmware 1.03, IEEE1394 firmware 1.07, TOOLS for n 2.7.3), plus the Cubase AI4.5 update.

Everything works fine except the DAW Remote Control on the n12. In the Cubase menu Devices/Device Setup, clicking on the plus sign, there is no n12 listed, isnt it supported anymore? When I select the “Mackie Control” instead, I get the basic transport controls working (play, record, rewind,etc), but not the others (prev/next track, etc).

Also, the “Cubase Ready” light never comes on, which seems to say there is some general problem.

Is there a fix for this? If not, then can I configure the control messages myself? I assume they are MIDI, so maybe it is just a matter of mapping them to the right action in Cubase? There are some settings for the Mackie and also for the Generic Remote, but without any documentation from Yamaha it will take forever to figure it out.

Any help would be appreciated.

Update: I ran a MIDI sniffer, and it turns out that only Stop, Play, Rec, FF and Rew on the n12 are sent as MIDI, the other remote control buttons are implemented some other way. So it seems impossible to make this work without real support from Yamaha/Steinberg. Is there perhaps some some config file or DLL that I can obtain from somewhere?


Where are you located? Is everything else functional? able to record and playback? If so it may just be an issue with the extension file. This is listed separately if you go to programs and features in control panel. If you see it in the list go ahead and run the uninstaller.

Now go back to your N12 driver folder and look inside. You will see separate installers. Try just running just the extension installer.

Once completed be sure to shut the computer down completely. Then restart.

Thanks Jeff,

I’m in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I can record and play back fine. Everything seems to work, except the remote on the n12.

I uninstalled both the Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver and the Yamaha n Extension 64bit Driver. Then installed only the extension driver, but it didn’t change anything. Then tried installing both in different orders, but no change. The n12 still isnt listed at the plus sign of the Device Setup window, and the Cubase Ready light does not come on.

I may not remember correctly, but at the VST Connections in Cubase, wasn’t there a preset for the n12? Its not there anymore. The confusion continues when I look at Yamaha’s recommendations at the below page, where they recommend a 2 x stereo, 12 x mono for input, and 1 x stereo, 14 x mono for output. Why would not 4 x stereo, 8 x mono, for both input and output be the most typical setup for the n12?


sent you a PM.