N13.0.20 Still cannot Minimize Nuendo

Try minimizing and restoring N13.0.20 with 50 plugins in 3 screens.
Still cannot do it in this just released, updated version.
It minimizes one Window at a time, instead of the whole program.

And then try restoring Nuendo- you will be chasing the Main Project Window in over 50 icons in your Taskbar.

This always worked fine in N12.

what system are you on? For me all windows stay nested inside Nuendo, I can’t even access any other windows without the main one being active. No other icons in taskbar either.

Windows 10 22H2

Other people confirmed this bug in the previous N13 version.
Just not fixed yet.

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Works fine here.

Set the plugins “always on top”

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Hi all,

We are currently trying to investigate this issue but we do not have a proper way to reproduce it so far. We will keep you up-to-date otherwise feel free to ping me if the problem hasn’t been fixed by 13.0.30


It works for me as well. System specs in sig.

How is it supposed to work? Do you minimise the project window and everything else follows? If that’s the case, it certainly isn’t working for me.
Each window has to be minimised / maximised separately here.

Do you minimise the project window and everything else follows?

yes, precisely!

The annoying thing is that, on Windows 10, there was a workaround whereby you could shift-right click on the taskbar icon and get a menu pop-up that allowed you to minimise or maximise all windows for the app. But MS has, in their infinite wisdom, removed that function in Windows 11.
Guess I’ll wait for Steinberg to figure it out.