N13.0.20 VCA MixConsole Section not displaying VCA names in drop-down

I discovered an issue where the drop-down menu in the VCA Section is not displaying the names of VCA tracks, simply lists them all as “output”, so one really has no idea which VCA they are selecting.
N13.0.20 Win 11

I saw this on one newly created VCA track and it then went away. I was busy so I don’t know how it got resolved, but it did.

All my VCAs now show up including new ones. I think it is a bug somewhere but it also seems like it’s a glitch of some sort. Intermittent.

Do you have a repro? I just tried again and couldn’t make it fail.

Interesting, the problem persists for me no matter what I do. New project, new vca, new track, anything.

Ok, just got it to ‘fail’. I opened the project where it happened last and created a new VCA and it said “output” again. Then same in my template and other projects.

The solution was to enter a new name in the name field of the VCA track. That works every time. In other words regardless of whether you name it or not when you create the VCA track if you get “output” you just have give it a different name and it’ll appear. At least that’s what it looks like to me.

It also explains why I forgot how I fixed it, because I would have named it regardless.