N13 ARA2 Bug? Any active extension makes event volume changes lag


I have noticed that if I have any ARA2 extension active in ANY event, the event volume changes lag significantly and even stop audio temporarily if the cursor is moving.
Of course, this makes it impossible to edit while having extensions active, which in turn make using ARA useless in the first place, if I cannot keep them active with edits open.

Has anyone seen this? Is there a way to fix it?

I’m on up-to-date W11, i7 12700. Tried with Spectralayes 10, ARA2 and Acon Acoustica.


Oh, let me clarify that the lag occurs in any event in the project, not only events with ARA extensions on them.

So this doesn’t happen with any of you??

I haven’t had this issue myself - I use Auto Align Post in ARA2 mode semi-frequently, and also Spectralayers every now and then. What exactly do you mean the “event volume changes lag”?

Thank you for your reply!

What I mean is changes to “event volume” (the field on the info track) take a while to happen, as opposed to being instantaneous like when there’s no ARA going on anywhere.

Are you on PC?

Ahh interesting, no I haven’t seen that happen I don’t think. After doing ARA though I normally “Make Extension Permanent” so that I can also use DOP. Not sure if that has anything to do with it not happening for me.

I have to work on a project a bit today and I’ll do some testing to see if I can get it to happen.

I am on Windows, yes - Windows 11.

Works normally here. System specs in sig.

Thank you for your responses!

Then there’s still hope for me. I have to find what is causing this behavior, but it’s much better than it being a general issue.

I’ve have been seeing a lag in the interface response on N12 when having ARA2 extensions activated in the project. Cutting events and moving handles, event volume, start stop etc. In my case Melodyne 5. Bouncing the clip sorts the problem straight away. Not unworkably laggy but enough to not leave the extension active when the edit is “done”. Not done that much work in N13 yet to notice any changes.

Oh, and Promotion deactivated (due to scene flickers in nuendo) if that makes any difference.

best regards,

What do you mean by “promotion deactivated”?

Do you by any chance happen to use other extensions without the issues you have with melodyne, or is it the only ARA2 extension you use?

I still haven’t been able to pinpoint a cause for the sluggishness.