N13 does not support CC121 properly

Hi everyone!

Am I the only one who lost CC121-support after upgrading to N13?

The CC121 only showes light but the knobs and the foot switch does not function.

I tried the regular things to solve this but nothing helped so far…


FWIW, It’s all working fine on N13 here.


Okay - problem solved.

The friendly german Steinberg-support helped me out: My Nuendo 13 copied the configuration of my Nuendo 12 during installation and that went wrong. I only had to rename (or delete) the folders “Nuendo 12_64” and “Nuendo 13_64” in the Nuendo-appdata-folder and then Nuendo generated a new Nuendo 13_64-folder.

You’ll find this folder by open the run-application and run “%appdata%/Steinberg”.

All the best,