N13 - DOP bug - Please fix!


When using DOP, with several plugins, there will be a “Pop” created in the beginning of the clip when the process is applied.
If I undo the processing and then redo, usually it goes away.

If I’m not mistaken, this happened in N12 too.

Could this be fixed, please? DOP is a huge part of my editing workflow, and this bug really slows things down, not to mention the extra strain of checking for these errors every time.


I found the same issue, also waveform goes missing when this happens.

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I really hope the DOP bugs can be fixed and pushed out as an urgent update rather than waiting a month or two for a maintenance update.

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Here you can view a screen recording of the issue, also at the end of the video another bug related to panning, when I click to create a node the envelopes moves to the right. Dropbox - Nuendo 13 Bugs.mp4 - Simplify your life

Yeah, this needs to be addressed by Steinberg urgently.

In Nuendo 12 only Acon’s plugins did this, but now its many more. Audio shifts, muted regions, pops, etc.
Depending on the session, and if I rely much on RX Connect (no undo), DOP is pratically unusable.

@TimoWildenhain I apologise for tagging you, but can you shed some light, please? Is this on the way to be fixed? We need to work (N12 was like this too)!

Thank you!

I’m definitely experiencing some DOP issues as well already and just got it. For example DOP works fine on first processing. Then when selecting the clip again it would take a few seconds to highlight and if I opened up DOP it would crash (just shut down Nuendo)- I tried to ensure the pluging- VST3.0 was the latest update and still the same thing

Yep same here. Actually talked to a dev in this thread about it and sent him crash reports and he was able to replicate. So hopefully will be fixed next update.

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