N13 graphic Bug while auto scroll

Hi all and developer,

first of all, here Nuendo 13 .0.21 is very, very stabil! Mostly used for dialogue edit (DOP) and mixing. No crash while autosave or rendering in DOP!
Thanks for that!

Now, there is a little bug:
When an event is selected, there are strange graphic jumps if you zoom in/out.
No selection, no jumps! Bad!

see a video here

does anyone know this?

My system:
Win10 64bit, AMD CPU, nVidia VGA


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Hi @dietrich

We were able to identify and report this bug now thanks to your topic.

The people in charge have been informed.


Thanks Dietrich.
In the meantime you can get around this issue by deactivating the preference Editing/Zoom/Use Selection Start as Zoom Anchor.



I’m on Nuendo 13 .0.21/W11 as well and this is just a curiosity question really:

I noticed on the above video that your scroll button (F) turns Orange at times.
Mine doesn’t turn orange at any time.

EDIT: Of course, an event has to be highlighted/selected for it to turn Orange!
Sorry, an idiot moment.
Do carry on.

if temporary scrolling is switched on in the scrolling context menu, the button turns orange when Event is selected

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