N13 Mediabay crashes when resets filters (in attributes view)

Hi everyone,

Here’s my problem:

When I reset filters in Medabay and select a new one, Nuendo 13 just disappears (crashes).

I’m going back to N12 where none of this happens.

N12 was the most stable version of Nuendo from release date, unfortunately I can’t say the same of N13.

Here is a link to a video (screen capture) of my problem:

I hope this get fixed someday soon.

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Hi @TheBongman

Sorry to hear about your crash. Could you upload the corresponding IPS files to us so that we can start investigating? Thanks!


Hi @Armand,

Thanks for your response.

I’ve already uploaded several ips files every time Nuendo crashed, via the report button provided when Safe Mode windows appears after every crash.

This is the last one, from today morning (if you need the previous ones, please let me know):

Nuendo 13-2024-01-31-075228.ips (192.7 KB)

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @TheBongman

This is fixed in the upcoming version

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Thanks! That’s awesome. Looking forward for that upcoming version…