N13 - Return to start position bug?


I have noticed a strange and annoying behavior when using “Return to start position on stop”:
If the start position is no longer inside my view, upon returning, the cursor will be aligned to the right of the screen, leaving the material in my focus out of sight, and as soon as I press play, the timeline will “page”.

This is pretty distracting and annoying, cause for instance I’m trying to track something down visually, and the timeline is jumping all over the place more than necessary.

Is this a bug? Is there some way of setting a preference so the cursor will be on the left of the screen upon return?




The behaviour was very same (tested in Nuendo 12) with the same preferences settings. The settings just moved from the preferences to the Transport menu.

But I agree, one would expect the Cursor would be either in the centre of the screen or on the left side.

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Will check transport menu! Thanks Martin!

Ran into the same thing. I use a generic remote (touchosc) and that function wasn’t working. I had no idea they moved it.

Preferences: Zoom
Unflag “Use Selection start as zoom anchor”


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I’ll try that, thank you!