N13 select several tracks with controller issue

Today I started with N13. All seems to work fine here but I have to investigate much more on the new features.
I’ve realized that now I can’t select several tracks using a remote controller (neither Yamaha DM2000 or AVID Artist Mix) using shift + select channels or command + select channels.
Has anyone same issue?


What happens, if you do so, please?

Only the last track selected remains selected.
If you select various tracks in mixer window, the “select” buttons in controller engage too, and you can for example adjust the fader or sends together for these selected tracks with the remote controller, but you’re unabled to make the multiple selection directly in the surface.


Confirmed and reported to Steinberg. Thank you

Thanks a lot for the coverage.

Updated to N13.0.20 and this bugstill remains…

Same issue here: Unable to select multiple tracks when holding shift on my keyboard + select buttons on my DAW controller (Mackie Control Pro). N13.0.20.

Steinberg, please fix this in next update!

Well, next update arrived and this issue still remains. No words from Steinberg. Are you planning to fix it or 8 or more fader DAW controllers will work more or less as a simply Faderport?

13.0.40 ínstalled and this bug remains. When will it work as before N13?