N13: The hub's new behavior is disruptive

We have our projects on numerous server hard drives and copy them to the internal SSD for editing.
First of all, this means that the project is not yet on the hard drive to start it via the hub. If it was then copied - the hub doesn’t refresh itself. There is no “refresh” either.
You now have to close Nuendo and restart it - to refresh the content of the hub !!!

The height of the nonsense, however, is that the order of the projects is chaotic and does not follow the order of the alphabet and numbers.
At the top is “K21705” followed by “K21679”. Then comes “K20706” followed by “K21659” … “K21615” …
How are you supposed to find any project in this chaotic order that has a normal numbering by customer number?


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Hi @THambrecht and thanks for your report.

This is true that the hub does not listen to any change done with the folder. The workaround nonetheless is simply to switch to another tab, you do not have to restart Nuendo.

It is using a depth-first listing. First it will order all subfolders alphabetically, starting with the deepest ones, and then per folders will oder projects alphabetically. Which type of ordering would you rather like?


Thank you.
I would prefer a purely alpha-numeric sorting. If there are 50 projects on the disk, you can only find them if they are listed alpha-numerically.
That’s why I used the screenshot to show that a project “X” is between projects with “K”.
The projects I have listed are all in the same structure in the root path of the hard drive. Still, everything is messed up.
With 50 or more projects you can no longer find anything.

And in terms of order, K21615 should also be listed before K21659.
The order is completely mixed up even though all projects are in the root folder.

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Totally agree with the OP>
Suggest a typical file system column view (name , date, size or similar) where clicking on the header sorts the list.


And where should I do this in the hub?
I don’t see any way to sort the list by name, date size…?
There is no header with columns in the hub.

He meant he suggests they add that. It doesn’t exist.

Thanks, it’s sometimes a problem when you have to translate English into your own language.

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