N13 unstable after project change

When I close a project and open a new project via the hub, I almost get immediately the message that Nuendo is unstable and that I should save under a different name. This happens immediately when loading.
These are many projects that do not contain any plugins and only consist of audio.
I have 3 workstations here with different PCs and audio interfaces and it’s the same for every PC. I use Windows 11 Pro (Intel, different CPUs, different Graphic Cards).
And I open another project from our customers several times a day.
I didn’t have this problem in previous versions.
I basically have to close Nuendo completely and restart it every time.

Am I the only one here or does this happen to several others?

I haven’t seen this.

Do all projects originate in version 13, or are some or all started in v12?

Maybe try different drives for storage?

Yes - These are analogue sound recordings (tapes, records, cassettes…), which were all previously recorded in an older version of Cubase on multiple computers .

The fact is that every project loads cleanly if you restart Nuendo cleanly beforehand.
So even projects that were edited and saved in N13 cause problems. The problems go away if you quit Nuendo before loading another project.
This tells me that there is something left in memory that is causing a problem when loading the next project.
If Nuendo was previously restarted, there will be no problems.

What happens if you choose to import the Cubase projects’ tracks into a new clean Nuendo project? Would that help?

I feel like I’ve seen over the years how sometimes users encounter problems when moving older projects to a new version.

Obviously not.
If I open a new empty project immediately after closing a project, I get the message: “A serious problem has occurred in the following file: …\Nuendo13.exe”
So I can’t even create an empty project without an error message.

If I then restart Nuendo I can open an empty project and save it. Even if I restart the empty project I get the same error message again.

Ok, it wasn’t clear to me that this happened with new N13 projects as well since you wrote they were “all previously recorded in an older version of Cubase on multiple computers .” So I thought perhaps something went wrong when just opening that in the new version of Nuendo.

In the past I remember I once had a similar problem and the solution was to start the latest version of Nuendo, create a new project, choose to import tracks from the old project, “Save-as”, and then it would work predictably. That’s really what I was getting at.

Wish I could offer some better suggestions…

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This at least clarifies that it is not due to the program versions.