N3 WAV Import Problem from DgtlPrfrmr Created WAVs

Long time Nuendo user here… I’ve got a question concerning wav files I’m trying to import into Nuendo.

I’m on Nuendo 3 (yeah I know old old old) and I’ve got N4 (also old) but I prefer working in 3.

The broadcast wav files sent to me, from North Carolina (I’m in Texas) were created in Digital Performer. I make sure that Nuendo is at the same sample rate and bit depth as the files being imported (in this case 44.1/24). The imported files all play back fast and seem time compressed — again, I want to stress this is not a sample rate mis-match.

When I go to import the wav files and I highlight the files/tracks to bring in, Nuendo tells me the Sample rate and bit depth, 44.1 24 bit AND at the bottom of the import window Neuendo says:

ACID: 4/4 0BpM 128 bars ---- or ----- or ACID 4/4 0BPM 114 bars ------ or -------- or ACID 4/4 0BPM 72 bars.

I’m wondering what the person with digital performer might have engaged that’s making the files show up with the ACID designation; or what this ACID designation means – I’m imported tons of stuff and have never seen any other designations except sample rate and bit depth

The template I use only has a single track - this enables Nuendo to import all the files and name them and create tracks. And as far as I can tell, nothing is engaged on my side, and project setup is 44.1/24. I’m not working to any grid or tempo maps – But, could I have something engaged in Nuendo, that is causing these files to zig when they should zag — play at a faster tempo than orignlly recorded at?

Another thing is that the files all come in to Nuendo with the “Toggle Timebase Between Musical and Linear” box checked – this has never happened on files I’ve imported from other studios.

Any ideas what I can do on my end or what I should tell him to do or not do on his end – pretty frustrating to say the least.

— thanks – and Happy Thanksgiving – Flash – Austin TX

Check the source files in the pool, and look if “Tempo” is flagged for these files.

These are Acid files, they are used as loops within a music arrangement. (Google for more information)
These file automatically sync (and stretch) to the tempo of the project.
So you need to be in Bars & Beats.
I doubt this project will transfer correctly from one DAW to another.
He will probably have to render all his audiotracks out int a continious Wav-file thereby avoiding these problems.


Thanks for the advice Fredo — I’ll jump into the pool and see what I can find as well as set up for bars & beats – prbly have to look blow the dust of the old manuwell and get a little refresher on the bars/beats tempo map configuration as I never work in that mode – I’ve always used an externally generated click and cats play to that…time to sit at the adult table I guess…anyway, thanks again – Flash

The simple fix is to set the fixed project tempo to the tempo in the files (in your case, 122 bpm), and have all of your tracks in linear mode.

I’m working in 7 now, and haven’t really gotten into the time-stretch stuff and how to strip it out (other than bouncing to disk without the tempo info).

In any case, check your in-box. All is working fine…

With or without a whole lotta reverb.

Time for some Home Slice.


Chewy – to the rescue — I’ll mess around with the tempo and linear mode — thanks for the download…reverbified home slice awaits --------------- Flash

These steps seem to have worked.

  1. I toggled all the tracks from musical back to linear (clock icon).

  2. Opened the transport window - set the Tempo to Fixed and changed the BPM to the value the engineer who sent me the files said to use.

Playback now sounds correct…going to send some MP3 snippets to the client/songwriter and make sure they sound right to her ----------------- on the upbeat ------------ Flash