N4.3 Random Hangups

Recently, Nuendo has started hanging up. I can’t trace down any pattern for it. It seems totally random. It’s not like after the computer has been running a while and warms up or after so many plug ins or anything. At first I thought it was the auto-save. But the task manager clearly states that it is not responding. It hangs up for a few seconds, sometimes 10 - 15, the longest was almost 30 seconds.

It’s really annoying when I’m in “the zone” and everything is clicking on all cylinders. It will hang up about half a dozen times in a 4 hour period. I’m afraid that it’s indicative of some currently hidden an growing problem that’s going to cause a real issue later. Anybody else experienced this? What’s the fix?

I use this version also and never have problems --I have been doing very large track counts and lots of plugs with usage almost maxed out no problems —must be a plugin problem —did you trash your prefs? Rick

Just realized you are using Win 7 32 bit right? —drumagog 1 ?? old plugs ??

Yes, I’m using Win 7 on 32 bit with UAD-1 card Drumagog 4* and a handful of older Nuendo plugs (Magneto, N3 MB Compressor & Double Delay) as well as the Classic Plug-in Collection. That never made any difference before.

(* Drumagog 1 was a typo that has now been corrected)

I use win xp still for N 4.3.1 --and I also use wavelab 7 with EWSO/Cubase 6 on a Win 7 64 bit (wavelab bombs quite frequently ) havent really tried to fix this problem yet-
did you empty your pref file? its under-users/appdata—just move the contents to a different named folder for backup