N4 in VMware.... eLicenser prob

Hello Friends, …
Atm, I am a little bored and thought I could try the following on my home machine:
Install VMware into Win 10
in VMware
install Win XP Pro
install Nuendo 4
add the needed drivers and progs like .net, etc.
install the eLicenser CtrlCenter for older progs like XP
So far so good…

Now, the eLicenser dongle is seen and shows licenses, incl N4 NEK, but not any of the Nuendo licenses.
Just 4 instances of “unknown Application” instead. Of course, in Win 10 all licenses incl. Nuendo 8 are shown an working.
My question: is there a known possibility to get the eLicenser to show the Nuendo licenses in VMware?

And in case you wonder why I would do such a test…
I try to get the Nuendo Dolby Digital Encoder to work for me, again, on one machine with N8.5.

Cheers, Big K

You have to update the eLicenser Control Center database.

The Version I pulled from SB is the only one for older OS like XP.
Should there be another one ?

No, you need to run it and update the database by using the menus.

Hmmm, … first thing I tried.
It reports back that the licenser server is not available.
So this function does not work.
I think, that the old eLicenser CtrlCenter cannot see the (combined) Nuendo licenses on the stick.
It might need an original single N4 license.
SB could provide us with a separat N4 license to put it on the eLicenser where N8 is on.
Yeah, hope dies last…

Thank you all!
Topic can be closed.
I got my solution and it works reliably.

Cheers, Big K