N4 Project Corrupt!

Greetings, I do not post here often as luckily never have any trouble with Nuendo…until now.

Have a corrupt project; N4 will start and open other projects, but this particular one makes it all the way thru the general startup stuff, and then hangs with the “wheel of death”. Running N4.3, OSX 10.6.8 with a Metric Halo LIO8. Tried all the usual (delete preferences, images, edits, etc) but I can’t get this sucker open. Really do not want to lose a day of inspired work and go back to the last backup…

Can support do anything to help, attempt to open the project on their end?

Move your plugin folder and try to start the project.
Then move back your plugins one by one, until the project fails to load again.
This way, you will find the offending plugin.

If the project still doesn’t load after removiong the plugins, try to open the latest of the .bak file.



Thanks, just tried it…but I still have the spinning wheel of doom. I mix analog so generally there aren’t many plugins. Also there isn’t a .bak file in the folder. There are csh files.

The action that caused it to blow up and become corrupt → right clicked to make a duplicate of the bass track which had many different takes with lots of edits, N4 went crazy and crashed. After that cannot get the project open.

…so anything else that can be done?

post the project file (no audio) up to a filesharing site (or ftp server) and post a link to it here. maybe someone else can open it and send it back to you.