N4 Video Editing Limitations_Can I get there from here?

This is a continuation of the Audio won’t import with Video thread https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=77&t=11708&p=77251#p77251
But now that I’m actually working on the project it warrant’s it own thread.

I’m trying to figure out the best approach for editing this piece of music. It’s an 8 minute video of a college orchestra performance. So my original audio is 48K-24bit stereo FIXED. The performance was not good due to lack of rehearsal and overall apathy by the performers, forced to perform student works that were not their own. Add to that a student A/V team that was clueless as to which part of the stage to shoot and a REALLY poor mix and you’ve got a basically useless piece of video. So the mission here is REVISIONIST HISTORY.

**I’m trying to:

  1. Add the parts that couldn’t be heard in the original performance
  2. Make some minor timing corrections
  3. Replace a section in the middle with the latest arrangement of the composition
  4. Mix it all together to at least give the illusion that it was the original performance**

Besides the minor audio on import issue, which was easily solved, I am finding editing issues with the video itself.

  1. When I group the audio and video sections for editing , say split events at bar 62, only the audio splits not the video. I have to go back and run the process again on the video.
  2. When I removed the middle section of the video and closed the gap between the first section and end section, the video freezes on playback in the second section after the split. It did not freeze from the split itself, only after I moved the deleted section out and closed the gap. I tried “gluing” the sections together. But apparently you can’t do that, at least not in N4. So I’m guessing that this will have to be edited in Vegas.

The problem now will be editing the audio with the new parts and then re-cutting the film to the finished new version while maintaining pix to audio synch. That’s why I wanted to edit IN Nuendo before transferring to Vegas.

Can any of you master editors/post engineers recommend the most streamlined approach to this project?
Should I just delete the video altogether and work on the song in isolation and then cut the video to the song in Vegas, or do I have any editing options in Nuendo that will keep the lions share of the song in synch with the picture before I need any upper level video editing tools?

as long as you’re using a ‘low impact’ quicktime video format (photojpeg .mov ideally) you can cut and edit video seamlessly in nuendo.

I’m not sure what low impact means. But its an AVI file and if I cut out several bars worth of music and video in the middle and move the back end forward to meet the front end, the video stops working right at the split. I get a frozen picture for the duration of the music track. Also, remember, I’m on Nuendo 4.3. So maybe this isn’t a problem in N5?

i used the term ‘low impact’ to mean a file that’s not hugely compressed.

did you actually try to convert the avi to a photojpeg .mov file and test the result?

I did not. But I will now and let you know if it makes a difference. Thanks.