N5.5.3 (64) Sluggish editing large projects


I have a very large project here with 10 episodes of a TV series.
Up to episode 5 everything was working well, but after importing episode 6-10 the GUI’s response has become too slow to edit. Especially cut and delete commands take ages to perform.

I guess I’ll have to spit the session into two blocks.
I thought this was the big advantage of 64 bits.

A slightly disappointed


Are you trying to keep the work on 10 TV episodes in one project?

What type of work are you doing?

I am suffering from this all the time when having larger projects. But this is in all versions of Cubase/Nuendo - exept in Nuendo 1.5. (No joke :wink: ) - It starts to get slow after a certain amount of events on one track.


You have drums on track 1-20. Edit… edit… song 1… fine… song 2… still fine… song 3… gets slower… song 4 … starts to get unusable … song 5… no way.

Solution 1:

Bounce the already edited events… I do not like that much to bounce stuff while I am still editing.

Solution 2:

Move the events from song 4 to 6 to new tracks, copy the settings - so you have song 1-3 on tracks 1-20 and song 4-6 on tracks 21-40.

Yea it is NOT the project size… it is NOT the overall count of tracks. it is NOT the amount of events in the project.

It is the amount of events on the individual tracks.

I suffer from this since years, but I stopped to post about that because everyone just tells me not to have more than one song in one project. Well, sometimes a song over here can be 15 minutes… if the drums are complex I even suffer from that when having one song in the project.

Beside from that Nuendo 64bit is capable to handle gigantic projects. As I wrote - I had a 80 min, 560 tracks project with about 120 GB of audio. Not ONE single glitch/hickup.


that’s interesting. Thanks for shaing your knowledge about this.
I hope the situation will improve in the future.
I am trying to keep all 10 episodes in one session, it makes many things easier (copying takes from one episode to another, keeping the reverb settings for the same rooms, even copying sound designs can be a time saver)

Hower this seems to be for future versions of Nuendo…
Still, being able to keep 5 episodes (half the series in one single session file is a huge time saver)


I know exactly what you mean - though I am not dealing with episodes - I am doing music only. But in a field where usually all songs of an album are based upon very similar if not 100% identical drums/bass/guitars etc.

So I often have the full album in one project and (of course I do work with separarate songs as well) it is a huge time and worksafer compared to the single-song workflow. At least till Nuendo will come up with better featured regarding “import session data” and stuff.

Because of that slow-down-issue I track/edit drums in seperate projects, because here I suffer usually the most from that issue - then I bounce the tracks and import in the one-singe-masterproject.

I do not know if this will be fixed one day. Because all I hear (when I complain about stuff like that) “split the project” “work in separate songs” etc. But sometimes it is just great to have everything in one big project!! Imagine “small final changes” of … lets say the kickdrum sound… Or in your case the reverb settings of a room - now you have to safe/load the stuff 10 times. IN one big project it is just a tweak.

Strange strange strange … I did a huge film project … 2 hours 15 minutes … 64 audio tracks … 4 video tracks … +/- 17.000 audio events !!! … no slow down at all … much much plug ins … all in real time … no slow down at all … something with your machines ??

No problems here …

As I said…

It depends on the number of events per track. 1000 or more and editing THOSE events on THESE tracks slows down. Nuendo itself is fast as well as editing on other tracks etc

Did some testing on my own here as I was having trouble with these larger sessions.
(N5.5.3 32bit onW764bit)
As I make a lot of use of the folder tracks , I did some experiments with the ‘show data on folder tracks’
It did make a considerable difference when “never show data” was turned on.
Even to the point when cutting a region and trying to delete it, could take a few seconds with “data turned on”
and it was almost instant when the “never show” was selected.
Strange ? Anyone care to try ?


Regarding the “show data” - yes - this is the same here, so I usually have this set to “never show”… Later in the mix, when stuff is bounced, I like to “show data” because then I can easily see what is going on when larger sessions are organized and stuff is hidden in folder tracks…

Never show data is not really an option for me. The info is too important for me.
I think it would be interesting to hear from Steinberg is anything can be improved.


In my eyes most of your problems are due to an uncool workflow.

As I repeat saying: keeping too many songs, episodes, what ever, in one single project floors any npr at some point and is asking for trouble. Just the thought that accidently and unknowingly some tracks over multiple songs get messed up, erased, altered and you notice it only days later…

A big time safer can turn into a desasteres show stopper for days. If there is no time for safer working then , I fear, you have to live with it. I counted it under: problems I’ll never have…

It is not that every single part has to have its own npr, but if you already notice that the project goes down on its knees wouldn’t it it be smart to split it?

Big K
remembering just enough painful mess-ups in 38 years of working with gadgets having cables hanging out of their Arsh… :wink:

Hey Big K,

Im a big believer in tools that enable the workflow the user wants. It’s the reason I chose Nuendo.
I also believe in change. So faster computers enable different workflows. Obviously new workflows need users and tools to adapt.


Well, but transfering settings, routing, changes etc between projects is a big PITA in Nuendo! Small last minute changes can result in a full evening of opening and closing nprs, saving and loading presets/track archives, making mistakes, messing up routing and stuff…

Nuendo IS capable to handle big projects, now with 64bit and fast computers even more than ever, if you take care you will NOT run into problems. So it would be “nice” when the slow-down issue could be adressed - though it is not a showstopper because you can get rit of it by bouncing snippets and stuff…

And my hope is not very high regarding that because it started in Nuendo 3 and is still there, in Cubase as well, Logic suffers from that as well - even more… I don’t know how it is on PT though. BUT I can say: In Nuendo 1x it was NOT there.

I agree with the second part above, but I think there’s a distinction between having a workflow that “invites problems” and Nuendo being sluggish in large projects. So I don’t think it’s fair to say that their problems are due to an uncool workflow, honestly.

‘Accidentally and unknowingly messing up/erasing/altering some tracks’ does not equal sluggish behavior. Know what I mean?

If something doesn’t work well and another way of doing things is not an option, then one has to wait for further developemens. Nothing wrong to ask for that in plain language, loud and clear.
Go ahead and hope for the best. I should not discuss this, anyway, since I don’t have those probs…

Hello Lydiot … OK, not uncool, make that … specific …

Hallo Ollie … if the new workflow is beyond feasibility, me thinks the user is better off for the moment to work within technically safe boarders till the software can do what he wants. I, too, wished that SB would set more manpower on this and other developements rather than producing other strange gadgets. Since the company has restricted resources it just takes time.
Brandy’s info about other DAWs having similar probs show that it is not a Nuendo-specific thing and that it is not that easily overcome. If it is a severe problem in the architecture of the software, personaly, I do not want to loose existing or new features to come just to speed up handling of extremely large projects, though.

Big K

In my experience this problem is exactly the same in Pro Tools. However, it is never a problem for me in PT, simply because of the “Import Session Data” feature. Nuendo has all sorts of Presets features, but between them all they are not worth a fraction of the “Import Session Data” feature. In PT it is easy to split projects up into as many pieces as you like, and still keep settings the same between them. I really hope that Steinberg takes this to heart, because it is one of the main reasons that I still mix in Pro Tools, rather than Nuendo.

FWIW Steinberg, if you’re listening (LOL) an “Import Session Data” is the only new feature I really need in Nuendo. If it’s not in Nuendo 6, I probably won’t upgrade either of my studios. If it is, I will.


100% !!

I agree completely. The main reason why I often try to keep all songs in one single project is, that it is so complicated to exchange settings between projects in Cubendo. Please do not tell me now “but you can safe presets and individual channels!” - yes, I can… but usually I do not have just “one kickdrumtrack” which is needed to save/reload - in my case there is usually a lot of routing involved, routing to groups with Drumagog, routing to groups with all kick-tracks together, drumgroups, parallelcompression, room-fx etc etc, bussing with VCC stuff going on etc. It is always a PITA to transfer stuff like that, the best way is to use track export/import, but you have to delete audio before that and after import you have to move audio again and often re-do a lot of routing again…

Usually all this feels more like a big combination of workarounds and not like a workflow…

Just wondering:

How exactly do you go about using “Import Session Data” in PT, if you’re working on an album for example…?

Well, assuming that the template is setup for the first track, and it’s been mixed, I can then import as many or as few settings as I like into the next project, or any others, or mix and match. It’s so easy. Have you used this feature? I don’t want to tell you things that you already know…!


In my case I never used it by myself but I have seen engineers doing that and all I thought was “wow, aweseome”.

As it was said before over here: This would be the last “new feature” I would like to have in Nuendo. Beside smaller “yea, it’s cool” features there is just no need for something else ITM… And of course no one needs toys for the iphone and another GUI change - just leave it like it is, try to work on that “slow down issue” and implement these “import session data” feature… if both is there (as well as the fix regarding the tempotrack issue, which is quite near) - then Nuendo might be the best DAW on earth.