N5.5 Device list not creating additional columns

If I click on ‘Devices’’, all available devices are now shown as a single continuous vertical list which has to be scrolled through.

In N5.1.1 the same Device list created additional screen-sized vertical columns displaying all available devices - this eliminated the need to scroll through the list as all devices were visible at the same time.

Is there something I need to reset in N5.5?

The list of plugins that appears when I select Insert on a track does create more than one column so that no scrolling is required, but the Devices list does not do the same any more - it was fine in N5.1


I know this is a small issue, but it is annoying as it was working in N5.1.1

I use a SmartAV Tango control surface which requires a lot of Device entries, which is why my device list is so big.

Can anyone shed any light on this?


bump again

Could somebody from Steinberg please comment on this?

“Working as designed” is most likely what they will tell you… :confused:

Not very helpful.

Yup, being a month since you posted about it and there has been no comment from Steinberg… that’s probably what they are going to tell you.

Have you sent a support request to them via your mysteinberg account?

Will this bug be fixed as part of the upcoming N5.5 maintenance update?

Could this simple thing (broken by N5.5) not have been fixed with N5.5.1 !!!


I created a report about the issue.
Our developers will investigate!

Many thanks Oliver.