N5.5 EQ Presets Missing

Anyone else seeing this or can reproduce?

Click on the preset management (cube, diamond whatever it is symbol) and all the standard EQ presets are missing. All I see in 5.5 are

save preset
Remove preset
Rename Preset
Rename Preset

When I look inside my 5.0 /.1 directory I see a folder called VST3 Presets. I see a subfolder with the StudioEQ presets.

When I look inside my 5.5 directory I see no such folder. Somehow presets for other effects load, but no EQ.


I’ve lost EQ presets more times than I care to name. I always back them up now.

They are located in C:\Users<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Nuendo 5.5\Presets\VstEqPreset.pxml

Thanks so much, that solved it. Just copied the file over and dropped it over the directory location you referenced.

Ok, I thought this thread was done, but I got this curious response from Steiny Support today:

“Nuendo 5.5 no longer has EQ presets by default in the mixer EQ. There are still presets in the EQ plugins themselves. Thank you.”

The presets, even if you never used them, had something necessary in there called RESET.

So I have to ask WHY was this changed? Is there some stability issue related to these presets that was crashing projects in 5.1? Why suddenly remove them after all these years?