N5.5 Eucon Bug? Artist series dead when dialogue boxes open

Hi - as the topic states. I am used to being able to control the level of my speakers via the CR knob on my MC Control during realtime mixdowns - since N5.5 and the new Eucon adapter this ‘feature’ is lost.

Kinda sucks to be honest - I thought it was great that I could still monitor up and down during an export. But yeah - why would anyone wanna do that hey :wink:

Bring it back? Pleaseeeeee?

While mixing today, I also realised I can no longer switch monitors during mixdown using the CR panel on the MC touchscreen. This is really lame, please can we go back to how things were?

I really dont want to spend 2k on a monitor controller when the Nuendo CR was really great with the MC before this ‘upgrade’…

Hi Sam,
sorry about this. We’ll check and fix it.
Thanks for reporting.


Cheers Thorsten! Also you should know nuendo stops listening to the MC when any sort of import dialogue is open - might be related?

Thanks for the swift response!!


It has to be a bug with the Eucon, as this still works perfectly with the WK ID Console.

There is more to this bug than I thought. It seems i cannot use the touchscreen to switch monitor outputs or the volume knob for changing CR level when any sort of dialogue box is open, like import audio, export mixdown setup etc etc

This really sucks guys, annoying me soooooo much. When can we expect an updated eucon adapter fixing this?

Also can you fix the crappy way the rotary encoders work with Nuendo? They are almost unuseable for me - the response is so crappy, I end up having to flip all controls on to faders to get around this!!

Still no news on this Thorsten?? It’s driving me mad :frowning:

Is no one else bothered by this? Is it just my system? This popped up with the N5_5 upgrade of Eucon Adapter…

I love screaming at a brick wall :slight_smile:

Can any SB reps advise if this has been checked out as Thorsten said it would be? Or should I assume business as usual after 3 months and no follow up…

Testing…testing…uh…is this thing on? Tap tap tap…