Followed the instructions to updated to N5.5, not working.

It says there should be a copy of a new registration code in my online Steinberg account in the “your last transactions” chart. It is not there. Yes my N5 is registered. Why does this always need to be so difficult? Spent hours on this already.

Can someone please direct me to a warm body who can get me the activation code so I can get to work.


Also, I’ve already registered which my online account clearly shows. Yet every time I open N5.0 it says “please register”. If I click “already did that” the message comes back next time. If I click “ok register” then it says I already registered.

What’s the deal?

Send in a support ticket and pm one of the SB guys around here. They have to put the new code in your account.
Ususally takes a day or two…Once they know you need it.

Can’t understand this, should be instantaneous, once you pay.

Okay, that’s kind of a hassle.

Thanks for the relpy.

Still no code from Steinberg, been working on my update from N4 for a week now. Why wouldn’t it take 10 minutes?

Why is it necessary to set up a process that requires a code, and that requires an actual human to deliver that code, when clearly nobody has time to do that. I emailed that Yamaha email address and we all know I’ll never hear back from those guys. Sent a PM to ED on this forum.