N5.5 Score menu has gone!

In N5.5 I don’t have the Notation-Option in Menu any longer!

In 5.1 and in previous versions I had the option to use the MIDI notation-editor.
So do we need a “lost feature documentation” either?
Or is the notation option a NEK-only feature since 5.5?

You mean the “score” menu?


AFAIC it’s been a part of the NEK since its introduction…

Yeah, I mean the “scores”-menu.
Sorry, in german version it’s “notation”, and I didn’t check english menu… (EDIT: I also edited the topic title)

This functionality now is lost in N5.5, and has been there in all previous versions!

And since I do not have the NEK installed, it cannot be an NEK-only option.

check your preferences>configuration settings. maybe the scores menu is hidden?

It is also missing in the configuration-preferences!

It seems that the complete functionality is disabled, since I also cannot open the score editor via keystroke (ctrl-r on PC).

AFAIK, the Score functionality has been part of the NEK since this began in N4.

But I definitely do not have (and did not have) the NEK installed!

I once had the NEK for N4, but didn’t want to “upgrade” the NEK just for keeping the old instruments/music plugins. So I jumped of this train, and invested that money into third-party-instruments.

Since N5 then, I of course did several new system buildings and I never installed the old N4+NEK again. But I still had the score-function in N5 and N5.1 (which is still on my system so I can proof this).

So I’m confused where this has gone in N5.5?

Score features are part of NEK afaik - got it here no probs in 5.5

Hope that helps,


OK, thank you friends, I think I got that. :slight_smile:

But it does not change the fact, that
I had the score-functionality in Nuendo 5.0 and Nuendo 5.1 without having the NEK installed!
And it is still there in Nuendo 5.1 without having any NEK installed!
And it is now missing in Nuendo 5.5!

So perhaps I am the only lucky guy who got that one copy of Nuendo5-Installation-Disc last summer which provided score functionality without having the NEK?

Or may it be, that there has been a “BUG” in N5.0/N5.1 which miss-understood my (unused) NEK4-License on my dongle as an actual one, and activated the score-functionality when booting Nuendo 5?

And perhaps this is meant in the N5.5 bug-fixes-documentation:
Musical Functions: Various Score Editor fixes have been made