N5.5 Scrubtool BUG? OSX 10.6.8

Hi all there,

just updated to N5.5 running it on a MacPro 2,8Quad Xeon wit 4GB RAM,

I have big problems with the srubbing-Tool, if i use the tool the playing clips are sounding like incurrupt, the clips are scatted, with cracks und click in it an somtimes distorted. if i´m increasing the zoom-factor it is a little bit better but not satisfactioned.

it sounds like audio-dropout knowing from a bad driver.

i also tried increasing the buffer size up to 2048 samples but it is still the same.In the editor-window the clips will be scrubbed perfectly. Only in the arrange-window i have these problems.

for me ( using Nuendo for dialog-editing) the 5.5 Version is unusable!

anyone out there who has same problems?


Hi Andre,
sorry, we can not confirm the problem. The Scrub Tool works quite normal here.
We’d be happy to help but we need more information.

As you’re in Hamburg too, please get in touch with me directly.


Thanks to Andre’s help we could now verify that there is indeed a problem with the Scrub Tool. Sorry about that.
We’ll fix it as soon as possible.